Collrs (hereinafter referred to as ‘the company’ or ‘Us’) follows a strict Refund Policy that has been made to ensure that you as a User do not have any hassles.

You are normally entitled to cancellations of Your appointment and walker, once placed. The Website shall deduct the fees that have been paid for the number of days that the Business User has already walked your dog and shall refund the remaining amount to your account.


When a refund is to be made upon condition as mentioned above, then the full amount shall be refunded within 7 working days directly to the account of the User through which the initial payment has been made.


Upon Users being unhappy with the quality of service provided by one Business User after availing of the dog-walking services provided by said Business User, the User shall be eligible for a replacement dog walker on making a complaint with the Website. The Website shall provide a replacement dog walker and shall deduct fees for the days that the previous dog walker has completed the dog-walking service prior to provision of replacement.

The Company shall have the sole discretion to assess each case on its own, separately.