Your Dogs Need Exercise Too - Here's Why!

Whether you hit the gym daily or haven’t dusted off your sneakers for weeks, you know that exercise is good for your body, mind, and soul. Working up a sweat relieves stress or anxiety, keeps you fit, and proverbially, keeps diseases at bay.

The same notion applies even to your furry friend, no matter their age, breed, or size. Your dog needs regular exercise to be their healthiest and heartiest selves. Read ahead to find out the benefits your dog can reap from getting in some cardio!

How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need?

There’s no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to exercising dogs - some may need more exercise than others. Factors like breed, age, health, and current weight could affect the ideal exercise routine, and therefore a vet can be consulted.

Puppies are prone to short, spontaneous bursts of energy, so you can take them on a few short walks every day. On the other hand, adult dogs can exercise between 30 minutes to 2 hours daily, depending on the factors mentioned above.

Benefits of Exercising Your Dog

1. Exercise Helps Combat Anxiety

There’s nothing like a good jog in the park to get a good dose of endorphins that melt away at least a little bit of your anxiety. Dogs also benefit similarly and lack of exercise could contribute to attention-seeking and destructive behaviors since there’s no outlet for what they’re feeling.

2. It Strengthens Your Bond

When you take your doggo out for a walk or run, you will certainly experience a whole new level of bonding. Whether you walk, swim, or simply shuffle back and forth, it deepens their love for you. Since they know that you’re paying attention to them, it enhances their emotional wellbeing.

3. Active Joints Equal Happy Joints!

Safe, age-appropriate exercise is one of the best ways to ensure that your dog maintains a healthy weight. Not only does exercise prevent obesity and the resultant pressure on your dog’s joints, but also keeps the joints well-lubricated. It also strengthens their muscles and staves off preventable problems.

4. Their Mind Needs a Workout Too

A creative, thoughtful exercise routine does much more than improve your furry friend’s physical health. It stimulates their mind by introducing them to new environments and some enriching games like flyball. Exposing your dog to an interactive workout like an agility course will help them put on their thinking caps and learn something new!

5. Exercise Helps in Socialization

Just like us, it’s important for your dog to get to know their peers and how to behave in social situations. Exercise can and should ideally be an intrinsic part of your dog’s exposure to other people, dogs, or environmental stimuli. In addition to promoting good doggie relations, it helps inculcate good behavioral habits from a young age. A quick romp around the park can work wonders for socialization!

6. It Leads to Obedience

If you want your dog to sit or stay with more enthusiasm, introducing more interactive activities could be the solution. When you spend time with your dog and teach them new play be it catching a frisbee or tug of war it strengthens your relationship on all fronts.


Our dogs are the pride, joy, and loved members of our family! There are several benefits to dog exercise; even something simple as walking can boost their wellbeing. Sometimes, however, you may be too busy to be your dog’s fitness buddy. Professional dog walkers at Collrs can help you out, in such a case! So remember - Who’s a good doggo? An exercised one!

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