Why Hire a Dog Walker?

Given enough time, there is nothing under the sun that we cannot learn. Add to that the flexibility of failing unlimited number of times, and we can eventually learn how to do a certain thing the right way; this, we call experience stretched to the limits. So, if time wasn’t a concern, each one of us would literally be the master of the universe.

But time is a concern. Why?

Peter H. Diamandis explains it beautifully in his book Abundance,

Each of us starts with the same twenty four hours in the day. How we utilize those hours determines the quality of our lives. We go to extraordinary lengths to manage our time, to save time, to make time. In the past, just meeting our basic needs filled most of our hours. In the present, for a huge chunk of the world, not much has changed. A rural peasant woman in modern Malawi spends 35% of her time farming food, 33% cooking and cleaning, 17% fetching clean drinking water and 5% collecting firewood. This leaves only 10% of her day for anything else, including finding the gainful employment needed to pull her off this treadmill.

For most us the situation may not be that extreme. But, life takes its own pace on numerous occasions, and we do try to save time.

For the naysayers, question yourself as to why we have evolved from horses to four wheelers as a mode of transportation? Why ordering groceries online is more convenient than going out to buy those two large bags of vegetables and lugging them home? Why it is just so convenient to ask somebody a question anonymously on the internet instead of wondering whom to ask in real life?

Now that we know time is a factor, we can help you free your time for half an hour twice a day, while you take care of other pressing matters. That makes it an hour a day, 7 hours a week, and 365 hours a year! Imagine all the other magic you could make happen using that time! You could write that book, start a blog, learn to code, craft, start your business, learn a language, plan your YouTube channel, spend time with family, or do anything you have always wanted to do for a long time. Because, why wait? Besides, with a Collrs dog walker, you can be assured that fellow pet-parents and pet lovers just like you, have your back and your doge’s too.


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