What to Look For in A Good Dog Walker

Like every other relationship in life, the relationship between a dog-walker and a pet-parent is a two-way street: Communication is the key.

Each week, we receive over a hundred applications from people who seek to be a Collrs Dog walker. We noticed that most of them begin by saying that they are “passionate” about dogs. But, what exactly is this “passion”? Which qualities does it embody? As of today, there is no science or quantifiable equation to accurately judge a dog walker. In the Collrs House, we’re never happy with ‘settling in’ nor accepting undefined passions. So, while we take care of the technicalities of finding the perfect-fit dog-walker for you and ensuring high-quality service delivery, here are a few points to help you gauge a potential dog walker:

1. Ask your Dog walker about their dog handling experience

2. Tell them to take your dog for a walk under your supervision

3. Gauge if the dog walker is comfortable with your dog

4. Gauge if your dog walker gets nervous around other dogs

5. Gauge whether your dog walker knows how to hold the leash

6. Gauge the dog walker for empathy, accountability, politeness and friendliness with your dog

7. Please disclose any health issue that your dog might have, this will help the dog walker take measures as needed for the dog’s safety and well being

8. Please disclose if your dog is aggressive towards other dogs and other humans

Collrs ensures that each Collrs dog walker has each of these qualities and more. To ensure this we approve only less than 30% of dog walker applicants. Follow us on facebook to keep yourself updated. Write to us at petcare@collrs.com if you have something to say.

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