The Collrs Way: A Guide To Dog Walking and How We Seek To Set the Benchmark

Your dog is much more than an adorable furball and your most loyal friend - they are beloved members of your family! So, doesn’t your dog deserve nothing but the best of the best? So far in India, the realm of dog walking has been dominated by domestic helpers or guards.

If this has been working fine all along, should you really shell out some extra cash to hire professional, thoroughly-vetted dog walkers from Collrs? Here’s all the “paw”-someness and more that the dog lovers and pet parents at Collrs have to offer!

1. Peace of Mind

As a dedicated pet parent, you would already know the benefits of walking and exercise for your dog. But, in the hustle and bustle of your busy life, you may not always find the time to take your super energetic doggo on a stroll.

Before you start feeling those pangs of guilt for not being there for your dog, we’ve got you covered! Our trustworthy and reliable dog walkers are here to take your dog for a walk whenever you need them to.

2. Dog Walkers Whom You Can Trust

Every dog-walker application we receive here at Collrs is scrutinized with a fine tooth comb. Our selection process includes screening interviews, detailed questions about their experience with caring for pets, and background verification. Your dog’s safety and well-being are our utmost priority.

Fewer than 30 percent of applicants pass the application review process and get listed and verified as dog walkers. Each of them is a doting pet parent with lots of snuggles and plenty of love to offer!

3. Dog Lovers to Dog Walkers

Our growing community of dog walkers includes doctors, lawyers, architects, and more! Not only do they understand and love (love might be an understatement!) furballs, but they also have been or currently are pet-owners themselves.

We have hand-picked the creme de la creme of applicants to help you out when you’re busy or sick. All parties are the winners here; your doggo gets to go for a refreshing walk, you can work or rest guilt-free, and our walkers get to do what they love the most!

4. A Stress-Free Journey

Have to attend a meeting in two hours but also have to walk your dog? Need to go to the dentist because a last-minute slot opened up? Don’t compromise; improvise! With Collrs, you can say goodbye to awkward and messy conversations about punctuality, costs, and urgency.

You don’t need to knock on doors or call in multiple favors, just contact us and we’ll take care of all these arrangements for you. With all the time saved, you can go get some extra treats and toys for your doggo; happy tail wags are guaranteed!

5. Meet and Greet Your Walker

If true crime shows have given you the jitters about cat-fishing, then worry not. At Collrs, we understand your desire to meet the dog walker personally before trusting them with your adorable doggo.

In our one-hour meet and greet session, you can introduce your dog to the walker to see if they’re the perfect fit for each other. You can also get to know the walker better and have any concerns addressed.

Final Words

Dog walking is not easy - it takes a lot of patience. Your dog is nothing short of a family member, so why compromise on getting the best walker for them? At Collrs, we always set the benchmark high so that your furry friends and your journey with us is a walk in the park, literally!

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