For The Love of Dogs

“Any large scale human cooperation whether a modern state, an ancient city or an archaic tribe – is rooted in common myths that exist only in peoples collective imaginations.”

- Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens

This precisely is the power of imagination and we at Collrs imagine a world where the onus of raising a dog is shared within the dog lovers’ community rather than on the pet parent alone. Very often we adopt a dog and have their best interest in mind, be it in terms of dog walking, routine exercise, food etc. However, as we keep managing the tantrums of life itself, things begin to slip for your pet. It starts with simple things like may be an official call at the last moment when you were supposed to walk your dog or may be your health does not allow you to take a thirty minute walk. One thing leads to another and finally you decide in the best interest of your dog to put it up for adoption.

It is quite heartening to see animal lovers/volunteers working day in and day out to raise assistance for shelter dogs/ abandoned dogs. Digging a bit deeper you realize, there is a constant inflow of dogs that need help which directly translates into raising more assistance. I wonder if it is an economically self-sustainable solution.

The other way to go about it is to nip in the bud i.e what we can do to stop pet abandonment.

As a society, for thousands of years, raising children was a community affair. Be it through extended families or neighbors, it served us well as a society.

We at Collrs believe, that raising pets can be a community affair too. Imagine your dog having multiple parents. While you are away, someone from the community comes to walk your dog, while another might board your dog, still better someone might come to play with your dog. A strong tribe of dog lovers.

The possibilities are endless, but what makes this possible, this free flow of information in terms of who is available where and who wants assistance when.


We are fortunate to be in a time where a small group of people can collaborate on one agenda irrespective of geography, race, color or prohibitive costs of bringing change, harnessing the power of technology. As for Collrs, It would not have been possible to reach out to all the passionate dog lovers throughout the country had it not been through technology.

We at Collrs aim to empower each one of you to serve the greater goal of building a strongly knit community of dog lovers. A community that has a voice, a community that is self-sustainable and a community that can educate others who don’t understand dogs.

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