Factors that affect the cost of a Collrs Dog-Walker

Collrs Dog-walkers have years of dog handling experience themselves. We believe every Collrs dog-walker is an interim caregiver for each dog they walk. We are working towards creating an ecosystem where every dog has its own human, but also multiple foster parents for walking, feeding, boarding, and so on. This is one of the foremost ways, we believe, in which raising dogs can become a community affair. However, as with all services in life, we are having to tackle the cost of providing a Collrs dog-walker.

The cost of hiring a Collrs dog-walker is currently influenced by the following factors:

1. Frequency: The number of times a Collrs dog-walker commutes to your location per day, to walk your pet, influences the rates while also accounting for the corresponding effort, albeit reasonably.

2. Quality: Top-notch MNCs across the world are likely to recruit employees who’ve attended premier institutes or Ivy League colleges, at a higher salary, unless the student is truly a prodigy without a degree from any “cool” college. Likewise, in the Collrs House, each Collrs dog-walker is a pet-parent themselves, with years or decades of experience handling their own pets. Of course, we could lower the prices exponentially, and send a local maid or a “guard bhaiyya” who does not have any experience with pets at all, to walk your dog… But will that be justified? Heck, no! This focus on quality is paramount to us, and does influence the Collrs Dog-walking rates to a reasonable extent.

3. Location: Imagine your walker coming to walk your dog from a different geographical state. The walker may be the best, but will the travelling cost be justified in that case? Of course not! Regardless, the further the location of the dog-walker is from the customer, the higher the costs.

4. Commute: We at the Collrs house constantly strive to create a unique customer experience and hence we work closely with all our stakeholders to optimize the quality of that experience. Our walkers are pet-parents themselves and understand the responsibility it entails to be a Collrs dog-walker. We normally try to limit the travelling distance to around 5 km per walker. However, on occasion, we are faced with the moral dilemma wherein a Collrs dog-walker commutes via an expensive SUV. The travelling costs in that case will be more than that of a Collrs walker who takes the tube… but is it justified? No. We have therefore capped the commuting expense. But it is still a factor that influences cost.

5. Availability: Since Collrs is still a young start-up, there are still certain locations where we might have fewer Collrs walkers. In such scenarios, we are unable to provide the service on-demand, right away. However, on a case-to-case basis, depending on the urgency of the requirement, and with the customer’s consent, we do try to assist the pet-parent at the earliest. The Collrs walkers in such cases literally do go the extra mile… 😊 Albeit, this does influence the cost to a reasonable extent.

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