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Frequently asked questions

What is Collrs?

Collrs is an online platform connecting pet-parents with India's largest network of premium dog-walkers from within the community, who will treat your pet(s) like family.

How will Collrs help me?

Collrs assists pet-parents across India through the often-difficult journey of raising happy and healthy dogs. No matter how long, tiresome or difficult your day seems, a Collrs Dog-Walker will ensure that your dog gets adequate physical activity every day. Collrs has been hugely popular amongst pet-parents who:

  • Have a busy work week
  • Have a hectic family schedule
  • Are healing from an ailment/surgery
  • Are elderly
  • Are differently-abled
  • Or are simply unable to take their doggo out for regular walks, for whichever reason

How does Collrs work?

  1. Once you make a Booking, the Collrs platform sends a message to dog-walkers designated in your area.
  2. You will receive a response from us within 6-12 hours, with potential match(es) closest to your location along with their profile/experience.
  3. You’ll receive a call from us seeking your approval and your confirmation on date/time/frequency of walk-sessions.
  4. Once you’ve confirmed, you’ll receive the payment link so the dog-walker’s roster can be updated with your pooch's walk-session(s).
  5. You’ll receive the designated dog-walker’s contact details, and s/he will receive yours. You might receive a call from them requesting directions to your home, and they will report to your home at the stipulated time to walk your dog.

Who will walk my dog?

Your Collrs dog-walker could be:

  1. A high-rated professional dog-walker,
  2. An educated professional who loves her/his day job, but is also an ardent dog lover with years of pet-handling experience, or
  3. An animal-rights advocate from the community.
Our rainbow team of Collrs dog-walkers includes carefully selected well-educated ladies and gentlemen, each of whom
  • Currently is or has been a pet-parent in the past
  • Is an ardent animal-lover with years (or even decades) of dog-handling experience
  • Appreciates dogs' distinct personalities and their cognitive needs
  • Seeks to assist fellow pet-parents by devoting an hour a day to walking their dogs or playing with them

How can I trust my pet(s) with Collrs?

Collrs dog-walkers care deeply for pets’ safety and well-being. Collrs follows a stringent selection process, which only approves less than 30% of applicants after a series of interviews and a thorough background verification.

I can simply get my domestic-help to walk my dog. So, why Collrs?

We believe that each dog deserves happy walks with an interim care-giver who truly appreciates its distinct personality. No dog likes to be hurried around or tugged at by local maids or security guards everyday, who often take-on dog-walker roles not for their love of animals, but solely for monetary reasons. Yes, local maids do become a part of the family after a point, and we love them dearly. However, sadly, they often lack the patience, the time, or the understanding of animals' needs or behaviour. Collrs dog-walkers are ardent animal lovers with years (or even decades) of pet-handling experience from having been pet-parents themselves. They are educated professionals with high-paying day-jobs they love, but are willing to assist you with walking (and playing catch with) your pupper - simply because they love spending time with dogs that much. Think of a Collrs Dog-Walker as your doggo's second best-friend (You being their first, always).

What if I am not satisfied with a dog-walker?

  • Once the sessions commence, at any point in time, if you observe your dog-walker missing sessions more than once or not performing adequately, please reach out to us and we will assist you with a replacement on priority.
  • We take our customers’ feedback extremely seriously. A negative feedback for a dog-walker translates into reduced ratings and earnings for the dog-walker within Collrs’ internal framework, and we take measures to discipline them with respect to misdemeanours around punctuality, cleanliness, politeness, and overall behaviour.
  • We urge our customers to report any serious untoward behaviours immediately, so we can take necessary action and ban the service provider altogether from the Collrs platform on case-to-case bases. Our erring dog-walkers never get a second chance to redeem themselves within the Collrs community. This practice adheres to and upholds the Collrs vision of ensuring pets’ safety and well-being at all costs.

What if a walker requests booking sessions with her/him outside of Collrs?

Collrs values each customer and seeks to nurture long-term relationships with them and their pets. Dog-walk sessions arranged outside of Collrs, after the platform has connected both parties, will be devoid of the Collrs assurance of value. In cases of such arrangements, Collrs will be unable to assist pet-parents in the event of any misbehaviours or untoward occurrences. You should report any walker who tries to create a side-arrangement, immediately.

Can I pay dog-walkers directly?

The Collrs framework ensures that the dog-walkers are only paid after the sessions' duration is complete and to the utmost satisfaction of the customer. Thus, the Collrs platform acts as a guarantee for the customer that the session(s) will be completed to their liking and without any unpleasant haggling with service providers.

What if I have more questions before I make a booking?

Once you make a booking online, we'll reach out to you in the next 12-24 hours. However, if you are yet to make a booking, and have further questions, please send us your query with your name, location, and contact number at petcare@collrs.com, and we will get in touch with you within 1-2 business days.

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