Collrs: Our Story

Collrs was born of the one worry my spouse and I had when we began looking for a doge to adopt this summer: Raising pets can be difficult when you struggle through a busy week. This is something we’ve witnessed, low-key yet first-hand, at each dog-shelter and adoption agency, when distressed pet-parents would walk in sadly to give away an equally forlorn pupper, simply because they couldn't afford the time.

As a way to assist fellow pet-parents who’re busy, elderly, or perhaps even unwell, Collrs provides dog-walkers on-demand as the first step towards easing the beautiful journey of raising happy and healthy dogs.

We wholeheartedly believe that all dogs deserve joyous playtime and wholesome walks with an interim care-giver, who truly enjoys their love and their distinct personalities. No dog likes to be hurried around or tugged at by impatient maids and security guards, who often unknowingly and unabashedly mistreat dogs mid-walks, because they take on dog-walker roles not for the affection but solely for the money.

To remedy this, and to assist hassled pet-parents and hapless pups alike, Collrs carefully selects educated professionals with pet-handling experience, who love their day jobs, but equally adore animals and want to devote 30-60 minutes a day walking pet-dogs in their neighborhoods. A pawsome match for each dog, we say!

In the Collrs House, we uphold pets’ safety and well-being above all, and are striving to build a larger community across India to support pet-animals when needed, with complete devotion.

If you're a busy pet-parent, breathe easy; we’re here! We will find you a Collrs Dog-walker who can be your Doggo's friend whenever you can't be there. So hold on to those warm puppy cuddles, while we get your work done.

PS: We'll soon be offering trainers (basic and advanced), home sitters, day-boarders, vets, and transport services. Follow us on social media to stay abreast of news from within the Collrs House.


Collrs Team

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